How to Deactivate and Delete a Plugin in WordPress? Print

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If your plugin is not in use or you wish to deactivate it, you can do this from the WordPress admin dashboard. You can also delete deactivated plugins.

1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.

2. Under the dashboard menu, hover your mouse over "Plugins" and then click on "Installed Plugins".

3. If you want to deactivate the €œHello Dolly€ plugin, for example, click on €œDeactivate€, which appears at bottom of the €œHello Dolly€ text.

How to Delete a Plugin in WordPress?
Once a plugin is deactivated, the delete option will appear.

Go to the €œInstalled Plugins€ list and click on the €œDelete€ link which shows at the bottom of the deactivated plugin€™s name. It will display a confirmation. Press €œOK€ and the plugin will be removed.

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