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Checks are what actually monitor the device or service you are monitoring.

There are currently 4 packages we support:

Free - 3 Local devices/services only.
Basic - 5 Anywhere in the world devices/services
Advanced - 25 Anywhere in the world devices/services
Expert - 50 Anywhere in the world devices/services

For more checks, please contact us so we can create a special package for you. The upgrade packages can be purchased through the upgrade/downgrade option from your currently active service or from here.

To create a check, first login to your billing account and navigate to the server monitoring link and click on "checks". You can see your currently setup checks or have an option to add a check.

When creating a new check, the check name is how you call your devices or a way to remember what you are monitoring. The hostname or IP is for your device The check type is what you want to monitor on your service. Our currently supported checks are:


The Check time is dependent on your package as detailed below:
Free - Minimum of 5 minutes but can be as long as 60 minutes
Basic, Advanced, and Expert - Minimum of 1 minute but can be as long as 60 minutes.

There are some optional fields: Text Search, Custom Subject for down notification and Custom Subject for up notification, and Custom Service port. These are not required for the check to be created and start working.

The notification list is who you want the down and up messages to be sent to. This must be created before creating your first check and additional checks after if you have different parties.

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